The Martingale – the number one Roulette Strategy

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About the Martingale Roulette Strategy

The Martingale roulette strategy is a probability theory and betting system which can be used on the game of roulette. In its simple form, you can use it on a coin toss, betting heads or tails and if you lose, double the bet until you win, in theory you will always win your previous stakes back and have a profit.

The betting system works well when the odds are even, 50/50, so betting on red or black, odd or even, high or low betting options can be used to incorporate this system.

This betting system is a popular system for some bettors, however, mathematically it is flawed, as there will always be a negative expectation in the long run. We don’t have any desire to go into the maths in this article, however this betting system can still win in the short-term. Roulette even money bets, and similar bets can have long winning and losing streaks, and bettors underestimate how frequently these steaks can be. It would be easy to lose 5 to 10 consecutive even money bets on roulette, and incorporating this betting system where you lost 10 consecutive bets would be disastrous for your bankroll.

With hot and cold streaks fairly common in roulette even money bets, serious consideration should be given to an alternative, the reverse Martingale. This is where you double your bet after each win, instead of each loss.


The Martingale Roulette Strategy in action

Lets compare a 7 consecutive win streak on Traditional Martingale system and the reverse Martingale.

If your original bet is £5, after 7 consecutive wins, you would expect to win £35, with the reverse Martingale, you would win £635

Now lets compare a 7 consecutive losing streak.

With your original bet of £5, after 7 consecutive loses, you would expect to lose £1275, with reverse Martingale, you would lose £35

Verdict on the system

Although the Martingale seems safer, with more often smaller wins, but as you have to play a lot of spins then the likelihood of having a cold streak is much higher. Incorporating the reverse system, you can get in and out quickly, if you get lucky, then you win big, but you wont be digging a big hole for yourself with the Martingale system which will eventually wipe out any bankroll.

Always remember, no betting system can beat the house in the long run, keep it fun.

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