CoinPoker Review – the future of online poker?

Remember with this Coinpoker Review, you heard it hear first, CoinPoker is the future of online poker!

Starting a new online poker room just now is a massive undertaking and the difficulty should not be underestimated with well known and established operators already in the market. We have recently seen Run It Once (RIO) online poker room appear and then quickly disappear, after failing to attract a meaningful volume of players, very little games running, and limited game options; ie; no tournaments, cant run it twice etc. RIO also had no affiliate system in place which was out of step with the marketplace and we can only presume it was down to poor management.

coinpoker review
CoinPoker is available on desktop & mobile

CoinPoker was the first Crypto based poker room which was formed around 2017 and fits into the crypto/poker niche. They have steadily, albeit slowly been increasing their number of players over the past few years, and we feel that within the next 2 years the site could explode in terms of player numbers and popularity, we will explain why we feel this is the case by discussing some of the innovative moves they have made to disrupt the online poker market.

tonyg poker
CoinPoker features some High Roller action
  1. No HUDs
    You wont find HUDs in operation or seating script software here, CoinPoker is a level playing field for all players. If you need to use this software then you will need to stick with Pokerstars etc, but CoinPoker believes in fairness for all players.
  2. No Gimmicks
    You cant throw tomatoes or eggs at your opponents, and there are no games types devised just to exploit players for more rake.
  3. Rewards
    All players can receive 30% rakeback immediately, no tiers, the same rake for all.
  4. Nosebleed games
    Featuring Tony G, sometimes you will find massive high stakes games on the site at levels not played anywhere else online.
  5. Removing deposit/withdrawal fees
    As we all know, there are fees with Crypto, but with the addition of the Polygon network, you can withdraw your winnings without any fees at all!
  6. Daily Freerolls
    We have not seen a website that provides the same volume and value as CoinPoker in terms of freerolls, they run every day!
  7. They listen
    CoinPoker management and staff take on feedback from customers and act on it!
  8. Reliable software
    CoinPoker software seems very reliable especially compared to other online operators.
  9. Recreational players
    CoinPoker has a lot of crypto enthusiasts playing just for fun, therefore the games can be fairly soft.
  10. Bad Beat Jackpot
    This has been introduced and all players on the cash tables could win at any time, and even if your not in the hand, if your at the same table then you will get a cut.
  11. Rake Races
    Weekly race race for players across cash games and tournaments.
  12. Fair Card shuffling
    Decentralized card shuffling giving a fair way for the cards random output.
crypto poker
CoinPoker also has their own tournament series

Coinpoker Review Conclusion

In conclusion, CoinPoker is a great option for all poker players no matter what level you play at, and we believe it will continue to grow and be one of the top online poker rooms in the next few years.

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