Gambler lost £4 million in London Mayfair Casino Aspinalls is going to sue the casino

A business tycoon from Malaysia, Han Joeh Lim, 62, lost almost £4million in a 72 hour long card session at a London private members casino, Aspinalls.

According to a report from The Daily Mail the exact amount was £3.9million and Mr Lim is reportedly worth a cool £40million. Mr Lim now wants his money back and is going to sue, citing the casino went against the “2005 gambling act” by allowing him to play too long and in a poor mental state.

Apparently the casino extended credit to Mr Lim from £1.9million to £3.9million to play games such as Baccarat.

Similar cases have been heard in the UK in the past by judges, and all seem to end poorly for the gambler; ultimately the gambler is responsible for their actions and bets, and the gambler is not forced to take such action but is done so out of freewill.

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