Gambling and basketball

Gambling and basketball – most notorious pro ballplayers who were also avid bettors

It’s probably no surprise to know that professional athletes are amongst the most competitive individuals in the whole world. Pro basketball players are no exception. In this article, we’ve used numerous sources and the help of to compile a list of successful players that competed in the NBA and in other countries. They are famous not only for their accolades and skills on the court but their drive to bet off of it as well.

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Gambling and basketball stars list

Michael Jordan – the GOAT bettor

Widely regarded as the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan was the ultimate competitor. He not only tried to work harder than his peers in the gyms and in practice but also wanted to beat them and win everywhere. His fondness for gambling and betting became sort of an urban legend. There are tens if not hundreds of stories from his friends and teammates who were talking about gambling on the Chicago Bulls plane, on the golf course, etc. Michael always tried to win and if he lost, a rematch had to be organized so he’d have a chance to get back at you. And trust us, he wouldn’t stop until he got you back.

Allen Iverson – the iconic guard

gambling and basketball

One of the most influential basketball players of all time, 6 foot tall Allen Iverson was once a very sad example of a multimillion-dollar superstar who went bankrupt. At the time his career abruptly ended during his mid to late 30s, AI had amassed over 200 million $ in career earnings. That was a lot, but rumors began to surface that he was in a very bad financial spot. Although it seemed true, AI got back on his feet and got rid of the problems which stripped him of his riches and is now often seen in the public eye, especially during NBA games.

Charles Barkley – Sir Charles & MJ’s biggest rival

You could argue that in the 1990s, Charles Barkley was the most prominent rival to the persona which dominated the decade, Michael Jordan. Turns out that the 1993 NBA MVP was not just a fearsome competitor on the court. He also loved and we truly mean – loved Las Vegas casinos. He used to have frequent visits during the off-season and throughout it where he was often spotted with the high rollers.

Antoine Walker – how things went wrong for the power forward

In the late 90s and early 2000s, the Boston Celtics were struggling. The best Eastern Conference team of the 1980s was now looking for new pillars and leaders. Antoine Walker, a sharpshooting and smooth power forward came to fill out that role. One of the first true big men who were capable of shooting three-pointers, Antoine Walker made over six figures in his career. However, unsuccessful investments and gambling problems led to his bankruptcy. Nowadays the long-time Celtic doesn’t gamble as much but still remains competitive!


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