Some tips for players of roulette online

Roulette online is a timeless classic. It’s a game that seemingly everyone knows and a lot of people love. But it’s also a game of chance where skill is almost non-existent. However, there are certain tips, tricks, and techniques that you can utilize in order to minimize house edge and maximize your chances of winning (Here you can find more info on the game of roulette). So, without any further ado, let’s share some tips for people who play roulette online!

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Don’t bet every time

In games of chance, not every single decision nor every single result is rational. Sometimes you just guess correctly because you’re as players say in the zone or just feeling lucky. Make sure you are not rushing into making a decision just to be on the bettors’ table right away. Be ready to play and try to be as confident in your decision as one can be.

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European roulette is better than American

For the player that is. The house will always prefer the American roulette because it gives them a higher chance of winning against the player. Why? Well, because you see, American roulette has two green fields, marked “0” and “00” respectively whilst the European version only has “0”. So, if you bet on the color, for example, you have a higher chance of winning on the European type of game. And even while the difference is small, it does amount to a lot, over longer periods of time.

Losses are more common than wins

It’s just a fact. There are no competitive roulette players out there and that’s for a reason. You can’t sway the outcome based on any skill, unless you’re telepathic, but that’s highly unlikely…

Hence, you should look at roulette as a game and a way to spend time, nothing more. It shouldn’t be looked at as a viable source of income.

En prison – your friend

In roulette, there can be a unique condition, called En prison or Surrender. If you see that it’s a thing at the game you play, it’s a great place for you to sit and enjoy the game because you’ll have a smaller chance of losing. If the roulette is enforcing these rules, it means that if the ball stops at “0”, your bet is returned to you instead of being taken by the house.

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Manage your bank properly

Spend an amount that you feel comfortable with. Don’t gamble your savings or hard earned money away and always be wary of your budget. If you only need 2-3 failed bets to lose everything you have, it’s better to reduce the stakes or to not play at all, or to play at a free table.

So, to sum up – you should look at roulette as a way to have fun, and not as an area where you can become super successful through witty and cunning tactics. If you’re interested in other games in casinos and not, have a look at

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